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My Life and my Story

Applied knowledge and discipline guarantees a life of wealth and success! - Mr. Yusef Scott


Who I Am

My name is Yusef Scott and I am the host, founder, Web Developer and Designer of this website. What a pleasure it is to provide you with a doorway into my world of financial independence using powerful financial strategies.

I am a devoted husband and father to my beautiful wife and daughter. Everything I do is to provide my family (immediate and extended) with the quality of life that's most enjoyable. As parents, my wife and I both want our children to not only have the life that most people dream of, but to be financially disciplined on all levels and also prepared to capitalize on opportunities when made aware.

Having started working at the age of 14, although illegal in my state, I worked very hard. By the time I had been working for 2 years, by choice I was working nearly 60 hours per week in order to feel self-reliant and independent. Because of the persistence and drive I had, "You're going to be very successful!" was commonly echoed from family and friends. Now that I am older, I exude the same ambition in all of my goals, especially now that I have a family of my own.

With Age Comes Wisdom

Over the last 12 years, I've remained dedicated to creating financial independence for myself, my family, and those around me. As I continue to focus my attention on prospering, new opportunities are constantly being revealed to me. To date, I've been able to harness intel in Real Estate, Business Development, Business Credit, Forex Trading, Consumer Credit to name a few.

In 2003 when I was just 22 years old, I was forced to make some decisions that would drastically change my life.

At this point in my life I had already desired to be my own boss, by way of becoming a real estate investor. I had already owned Carleton Sheets and Russ Whitney's late night infomercial Real Estate packages that were sweeping the nation. I had also been to a number of Real Estate seminars that had come to my area.

The Hidden Blessing

Because of that desire, when a close friend of mine at the time introduced me to a guy who claimed he could help me start my own business for $1,000, I jumped on the opportunity. I remember thinking that all I had to do was start my own business and I would never revisit those rough financial times that preceded me ever again. Boy was I wrong!

By this time (end of 2003), I was employed and able to save $1,000 to change my life. Unfortunately, this guy didn't keep his end of the agreement, which forced me to take matters in my own hand and educate myself on starting my own business. Like anyone who pays for a service and do not get what they paid for - I was mad! But I later realized the knowledge that was revealed throughout my journey of developing my business mindset had more value then the $1,000 I paid. With this level of intel I'm now able to get paid over and over again.

The New Beginning

At some point around the beginning of 2004 I heard a commercial for a real estate training course offered by a popular local real estate firm. It wasn't 3 months later that I had enrolled, completed, and passed that course to start me off on the roadway to Real Estate success. Although I didn't go to the board to sit for my test to become an agent, I was ok with that, as I only wanted to gain the knowledge and confidence to talk the lingo with other real estate professionals, and be able to invest.

With this training behind me - along with my never-ending literature I already had from the late night infomercials, I felt accomplished and there was no stopping me!

After a bit of research on properties in my area, and some targeted marketing, I closed my first real estate deal after 30 days for a total of $15,000. At the time, a check for $15,000 was the biggest check I've ever had written out to me so it was a great feeling. It also made others who were closed to me believe even more in me and my aspirations.

Within the next few months I had enrolled myself in a Corporate Development course to give insight on advanced business concepts and ideas. It was then in September that I established my very own real estate investing company.

With the Corporate Development in my arsenal, I was able to build my business credit for my company in about 3 months. I've always heard people say that a business with good credit can acquire much more business credit than a person with good personal credit. At this point in time I had already been granted around $70,000 in business credit lines. I also had $15,000 from my first real estate deal, so I felt it was time to walk away from the construction industry for good!

With $15,000 in the bank, $70,000 in business credit - I was finally my own boss and loving life! Within the next year I had owned 4 properties and looked at over a couple hundred properties. At this point I was a living witness to not just SUCCESS in real estate - but most importantly, BEING MY OWN BOSS!

Throughout the years of having the time of my life buying real estate, I've assisted many people with developing their own business, building their business credit, and rebuilding their personal credit. I've inspired many family members and friends to do just as I did and not allow temporary setbacks to hold them back forever.

Now that I can reflect on my past, I can say that having my personal credit score fall below 400 was the most depressing fact I had to ever face. Today I've learned to be wise with my credit. Not only do I have excellent credit, but I understand credit and how it works. Although the road to having excellent credit wasn't easy, I do appreciate it because it has allowed me to enjoy life that much better.

my Capabilities

Five FINANCIal focuses For Freedom

Forex Trading

A millionaire's secret to realizing extreme wealth - forex trading is the vehicle that has allowed me to have TRUE financial independence.

Although there are many misconceptions and stories surfacing on the web that explains both sides of the spectrum (winners and losers), it's an undeniable fact that while understanding sayings like 'what goes up must come down', one can realize profits whether the forex market goes up or goes down.

With the use of advanced direction indicators - which provides helpful clues as to the direction the market will move (up or down), one can increase their self worth at a rapid rate.

Corporate Structure Development

Don't just open a business, learn to plan, develop, and structure your business from the start to safeguard your assets and assure that your company is impenetrable to liabilities.

Have your company's structure built on a foundation like those of "Big Businesses" by using private strategies that only few are privy to.

The wealth of Corporate Structure intel revealed to me over the last 10 years not only provide the best asset protection, but it also provide business owners with the true meaning of being the elite, coupled with extraordinary longterm financial freedom.

Business Credit Building

Harnessing the true power of being a business owner is usually realized once one can obtain massive amounts of business credit. By using the highly secretive processes to build a company's credit, creditors are generous and will view a company as being more stable and likely to continue to grow.

Following the business credit building process while using my network of creditors will give assurance of a rock-solid strong business credit profile.

Personal Credit Building

Financial freedom starts with building and maintaining a strong personal credit profile. Become aware of the simple tips I've used over the years to get my credit score from under 400 to 800.

Learn how to get your employer or bank to guarantee your excellent credit without using any credit of your own.

Although some may realize financial freedom without a strong personal credit profile, it would be advantageous doing so yo overcome any unforeseen road blocks. If one has a personal indebtedness of $800,000, if he or she gains $1,000,000, he or she would not be considered a millionaire.

Pay Off ALL Debts To Realize True Financial Freedom!

Real Estate Investing

Having my first Real Estate deal for a net profit of $15,000 at just 24 years old, it's no surprise that Real Estate investing has remained a strong passion of mine.

Wholesaling, renovating, and rentals are the more common profitable strategies one could adopt to generate an income from Real Estate.

Although there are plenty of Real Estate deals available for one to capitalize on, it's advantageous for one to have the capital, and/or credit (whether personal or business), and other key players available like Real Estate agents, Real Estate Brokers, Title and Insurance company, and appraisers, to help close the deal.

Becoming more familiar with the opportunities that Real Estate can bring, one will reveal ways to purchase Real Estate with very little or even no money of their own. And as time goes on, advanced Real Estate strategies like mastering the power of receiving monies at the closing table when purchasing properties will become the norm.

Technical Skills Explained

Over the years I've dibbled and dabbled in many opportunities online and offline. Many of them I just happened on so I decided what the heck... I would give it a shot. That list includes Web Development and Design, Graphics Design, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing, Photography, Building Computers, and the list goes on.

Since 85% of all that I inner-stand was self-taught, you could always find me at a Borders in my area feeding my brain. As they say "If you want to hide anything from Man, put it in a book."

One of my most favorite skill-sets that I use today is Web Design. Just like this website here, I've built many websites over the years with absolutely no schooling... just reading and trial and error.

Whenever I had an idea revealed to me that had the income potential, I would always go and learn all that I could on the subject. Just like with Web Design, I saw an opportunity to make an income, so I went and incorporated the business and got going!

Because of my experience with Corporate Development, Web Design and Development, Graphics Design, and Marketing, I saw the income potential of becoming a one-stop shop business for business owners. I could help one open their business, market their business through Web Design, offer company apparel through my wholesale company, design their business cards, and ultimately send these new business owners out armed with the confidence and the image for success.

Another skill mentioned earlier that I love is Photography. Over the years I've been awarded the contract for many local venues to point and click. I am honored to have been able to network with so many great people.


Just as I've always done, I found a way to make Photography work for me and help generate an income. So one day as my little hamster was running, I thought to myself that since I was in Photography and had experience in Real Estate, I would provide Agents with Photography of their listed homes.

You see, my mind has always and always will spin in a way that attracts new innovative ideas and concepts for achievement.

My notable achievements

$70k in 3 months

Business Credit


As mentioned above, after 3 months of being in business I built my Real Estate Company's credit strong enough to allow me to net $70K worth of business credit lines.

With most businesses being deemed a credit risk at the start, it is usually a challenge to obtain credit without first being a personal guarantor on the account.

Authored 2 books in 3 years

Personal Credit Building/Corporate Structure Development


Over the years, I've gained so much intel in Corporate Structure Development and Personal Credit building. So I decided to put together my very own eBook that would convey that knowledge for people in need.

863 Pips in 12 hours

Forex Trading


After buying/selling stocks for over 10 years, and trading Forex for the last 5-6 years, I decided to start The Mirrored Millionaire's Forex Group (my own Forex Trading Group where I help people become successful Forex traders).

From the beginning, I knew that I would need to prove to people that it doesn't take a lot of money to become a successful trader. With that in mind I decided to trade at a very low volume to simulate an account of someone just starting out.

In just 12 hours of trading, I had accumulated 863 FULL pips, at a very safe volume of 0.05, for a profit of about $500. Which is more or the equivalent of what some people make in a 40-hour work week.

The whole purpose of this was for people to see what the trade-off was for 12 hours of time and with a minimum risk. Also, that with patience, discipline, and direction one can grow their account and learn to grow their money rapidly in Forex.

my Education

Feb 04
Mar 04

Certificate of Completion

Long & Foster Institute of Real Estate

60-hour comprehensive pre-licensing Real Estate Principles and Law course, encompassing over 33 units of real estate topics. State coverage included the Brokers Act, residential mortgage defaults, foreclosures, and other key concepts.

Jun 04
Aug 04

Certificate of Completion

Lockhart & Assoc. Corporate Development Training

The most common and advanced Corporate structures examined for the best asset and liability protection.

May 12
Aug 13

Associates Certification of Project Management

George Washington University School of Business

Thorough analysis, careful planning, and logical execution are critical to the successful completion of any project. This concentration provided knowledge and skills needed to manage major projects from conception to implementation.


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Ammo Palace

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Red Carpet Photography, LLC

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Red Carpet Photography, LLC

Red Carpet Photography, LLC

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